"Stars Burn Out" featured in Parkour video!

And we get to run with the guy in the straightjacket!

Trash Story with from Mikhail S. on Vimeo.

Great stuff!

New lacunae videos!

Posted to, MySpace and YouTube! I've just added "our memory" live featuring a live video performance by Kasten and the videos for Our Memory and Get Back to Nowhere...

Our Memory @ Skully's 06.04.2007

Our Memory

Get Back to Nowhere



lacunae interview featured on LaptopRockers!

Fun interview on LaptopRockers about lacunae and our live show.  Incredibly longwinded answers provided by myself, A.

" As this is a one way process, it assumes a certain amount of trust. I think it also forces us to recognize the potential for each other's creativity in spite of whatever intentions we bring to the table. We're not all trying to make the same album."

Check it out!


lacunae Live, June 04 @ Skully's Music-Diner!

Lacunae Live Poster

lacunae has never met. Come see them play.

Glitch. Trip Hop. Electronic.

The evening will begin with a video art exhibition showcasing various Columbus artists.

The performance itself will be a combination of laptop-driven electronics, live instrumental performances by special guests, and video.

To close, A. Peluso will mix and mash together some of his favorite electronic, hip hop and dance tunes.

Monday, June 4th
1151 N. High St.
Columbus, Ohio 43201

Sleep well.


lacunae Music Video for Follow Me Down @ MySpace

To accompany live performance of the song, Sarah Weinstock has created an incredible music video for "Follow Me Down" using smoke and light.

follow me down

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Amazing stuff!

Sleep well.