About lacunae

lacunae makes electronic music.

lacunae is kasten searles, arson bright, and a. peluso.

lacunae's press kit may be found here.

The members of lacunae have never met.

Their music has roots in the electronics of artists like Boards of Canada, Skinny Puppy, and Gary Numan; and in the dark, sexual undertones of Tricky and Portishead.

Kasten Searles: vocals, tape recorders, digital audio recorders, toy synthesizers, ukulele, ambient noise
Arson Bright: analog-modeling synthesizers, samplers, sequencers, field recordings
A. Peluso: samplers, digital synthesizers, samplers/triggers, sequencers

Kasten is currently located in Philadelphia, PA, Arson in Concord, NH, and A. Peluso in Columbus, OH.

Much of lacunae's sound can be attributed to their distinct songwriting process. The recordings grow from isolation. Kasten's voice travels to Arson. Arson's arrangements travel to A. A. recompiles the material for the listener.



In 1995, Arson found Kasten's postal address on her strange and short lived cable access program. The two have exchanged piles of art and strangeness through the mail ever since.

Though at times Kasten and Arson have been close enough to leave notes or throw sacks of journals at each other, they have only communicated via art and text. This relationship eventually grew to include audio.

Six years later, A. was working with Arson on the now concluded Kopano Media Remix Project. Through Arson, he discovered Kasten's art on the web.

In 2002, Kasten sent some of her video work to A. On a whim she included some of her audio collaborations with Arson and a fateful appeal: "Remix us + we will be happy."

In a single 18 hour remixing session, lacunae's first work, the Making New Errors EP, was created.

The three named their group "lacunae" as a tribute to the distance between them, and decided to never meet in person.




lacunae, photo from the Columbus Dispatch


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