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lacunae radio on!

Lacunae has been added to's radio system! This means you can listen to our music and music that the Music Genome Project has deemed to be in a similar vein by going to and putting "lacunae" into their pandora application. And you can vote up or down on whether you think the songs are really relevant and lacunae-like or not to help improve their database. Fun for all ages!

Sleep well.


lacunae review in Igloo Magazine!

Well, Mr. Jericho Maxim over at Igloo didn't really dig our album, collapse, too much. But he did say there were some moments of greatness on it. He also said that he didn't think we rose to our full potential. That sounds like a challenge to me... :)

Thanks for listening, Mr. Maxim!

Sleep well.


lacunae track "Stars Burn Out" released on Suspicious Records Compilation "Broken Nightlights"

lacunae's track "Stars Burn Out" has been released on Suspicious Records' compilation, Broken Nightlights. From their site...

"The first compilation for Suspicious Records, Broken Nightlights is a cinematic journey across anonymous alleyways, silent bedrooms, and blurred cityscapes that hum with all the electricity, hope, and absence of the human heart. The songs collected on this CD represent the the very best artists making melancholic electronic bliss today, from the understated majesty of Arc Lab to the blue smoke and cool pre-dawn solace of Leaf to the sadness of Clover and the aching pure honesty of Sunday Munich. This album is necessary listening for fans of trip hop, glass-fragile downtempo electronica, and moody instrumental hip hop."

There are some really great tracks on this compilation!

Go listen to samples and buy the CD because it's awesome!

Sleep well, all.


Review on Furthernoise!

Mark Francombe has written up an in-depth, humourous, and just plain terrific review of collapse for!

"Their Collapse CD (current resident music crm003) is an atmospheric blend of glitchy electro and the breathy ethereal voice of Ms Searles. The beats are cold, cut short and tight with nods towards Matmos, Coil circa Loves Secret Domain, or even Kraftwerk at their most bleepy. There is something of Portishead's or Tricky's heady grooviness, but thankfully, less of the hashish. For example, it really sounds great in my car (where it has been looping for nigh on a month now)."

"It lacks emotion in places, and despite the rhythmic nature of most of it, it never really gets funky or cool, but lets face it, funky and cool can be a bit crap can't it?"

Go check it out!

Sleep well, all.


2006.06.27: collapse listening party June 29th!

From the ampedOut site....

"To celebrate the release of Lacunae's second offering Collapse, on Thursday the 29th at 9pm (Central time) we are going to air the entire album. as an added bonus the members of the band will join us in chat to talk about the album, and what ever else comes up. Be sure to mark it on your calendar because it should be a lot of fun."

Kasten, Arson and A. are hoping to be there to answer questions and generally cause dangerous emotions. We hope to see you there!

2006.06.23: collapse is now available on iTunes!

Collapse on iTunes!

2006.05.25: KW on collapse: "I've never been so proud to know or listen to this group of talented upstarts"

Our good friend and ranteur extraordinaire Kyle Weiss has crafted some very kind words about our newest album, collapse:

"I admit. I've been talking to this group for a bit now, discovered them on MySpace of all places. In addition to them being all swell people, I was tickled pink to find this album just as good as the first, perhaps better. For those that require minimalist mood enhancement, go for "Love Me." That album really can salt-and-pepper any mood to taste. It's always handy in my player. "Collapse" is different. It has bite. It has clarity. It has that fullness that I also like in any production. "Collapse" is good for those looking for that great driving album. Something to reach for when you don't want dark, mid 1980's industrial OR the headspinningly neat numerous choices from the unfortunately named "IDM" category. I love Lacunae. I've never been so proud to know or listen to this group of talented upstarts. Listening to them now on Last.Fm, there's no stopping them now. I only wonder what would happen if they began work in person... perhaps like mixing water, magnesium and fire. Aluminum, water and oxygen. Snicker's bars, Skittles and a Jenny Craig convention. It'd be big, messy and fun. That's certain. Oh yes. Buy this album! I'm supposed to say that, right? Of course I am! KW"

Thanks so much Kyle!

Sleep well.

2006.05.21: Thanks Digital Nimbus!

The lovely humans over at Digital Nimbus have been spinning some lacunae lately, we'd just like to give them a shout!

Definitely check out the archived shows, they're an awesome mix of new electronic acts and the originals you know and love.  Good mixing, too!

Sleep well.

2006.05.12: EMW Review of Collapse: "...Lacunae could well be the next Massive Attack..."

A very positive first review of lacunae's new album "collapse" is up at ElectronicMusicWorld.  Thank you so much, Stefan!

Sleep well, all

2006.03.03: collapse is coming, new site design

Our second full-length album, collapse, is almost on its way to the presses. Cover design by Kasten Searles.

As you may have noticed, we've redesigned the site to reflect this.

More to come.

Sleep well.

2006.01.28: Shhh...

We are quiet, but we are not asleep.

2005.11.21: lacunae's second full-length album "collapse" is finished.

Yes the updates have been sparse, but absence brings good news...

All that's left is mastering, pressing and dressing. It won't be long now. Hear a couple of tracks from it on MySpace.

lacunae's "lifetime" featured on OhmForce web site!

These creators of amazing softsynths have put our track on their web site! Thanks guys, we love your stuff!

2005.05.17: Review @ MODSQUARE

"If This Mortal Coil could meet Boards of Canada and share a studio with an obscure industrial act the outcome would be something very much like Lacunae..."

New Review @ MODSQUARE

Eee! The lovely Mz. K. Cornelius has written a glowing review of "love me" for the Chicago electronic music magazine MODSQUARE. Thanks very much to her.

Also, we've added an unofficial translation of the previous review in Neural and spruced up the reviews section just a bit.

...and as always, you can hear our stuff at AcidPlanet and MySpace.

2005.05.03: Review @ Neural

New Review!!! @ Neural

Go check it out! It's too bad I don't read Italian! I'm pretty sure it's favorable, though. We're working on translations right now. Stay tuned, hehe.

Also, work on the new album is going slowly, but the results are beyond our expectations.

...and as always, you can hear more at AcidPlanet and MySpace.

2005.01.15: Making New Errors Videos Up!

Making New Errors FrameMaking New Errors FrameMaking New Errors Frame

available for download @ AcidPlanet!

Screen shots available in the new Video Section.

These videos were originally created and played for Open Minijax 1.2. Now, they're available at very high quality from the nice people over at AcidPlanet. Go get 'em!


2005.01.12: lacunae remixes the Chemical Brothers!

Galvanize (Showdown Mix)

lacunae has entered another remix contest over at Acidplanet, this time taking on the Chemical Brothers' soon-to-be-released track "Galvanize". For the contest, entrants were given access to Q-Tip's a capella vocal tracks (so we're really remixing A Tribe Called Quest? :) ). lacunae took this on with signature pounding low-fi click beats and plenty of vocal slicing and dicing. Go take a listen!

There are also more lacunae tracks available at AcidPlanet.

2004.12.10: New Track for Download!

Lifetime by lacunae
(contains elements of "morphing_3" by Jerome Noel)

Due to some interesting circumstances, we're pre-releasing a track from our album-in-progress. As it turns out, some samples snuck into it from a synthesizer demo called "morphing_3" by Jerome Noel over at ohmforce. We told him about the mixup and he was quite kind. He said it was cool and that he would prefer we gave away the song for free. So here you go, enjoy!

And while you're grooving on that, go check out ohmforce's synths, they're damn tight.


Track 1 off of love me, "Turn around" is a featured track for November at Furthernoise! Take a listen, and then run around their site a bit.

They were recently hit by hackers, so it's not up right now, but you have to go see the Visitor's Studio. Hot Media Mixing Loveliness.


Apologies to anyone who tried to email recently. For some reason it was bouncing back error messages. It's working now.


"A beautiful, very solid album..." Go read the rest of the review of love me by Stefan over at Electronic Music World!


Two new sample song clips put up for love me over at CD-Baby!

The pounding Rocking Brush and the ethereal Get Back to Nowhere.

2004.08.11: lacunae album "love me" on sale now at!

love me

First 20 copies sold come with Making New Errors Enhanced CD which contains the videos for Making New Errors pts 1-3!

2004.07.22 opens.
"love me" CD on sale soon on cdbaby.
currently participating in "tweaker 2" remix contest underway at