Review of "love me"

Stefan Koopmanschap, Electronic Music World

Crunchy rhythms, lush melodies and processed vocals. That is a short summary of what you can expect on Love me by Lacunae.

Lacunae is the project of a trio of artists. Arson Bright and Anthony Peluso compose the music, and the vocals of Kasten Searles gives it the finishing touch.

Love Me features 10 strong tracks. Downtempo, triphop-ish music with beautiful vocals. Gritty rhythms and sober, sometimes spacey melodies. Listening to this album, one can easily lose himself/herself in the music, waking only after Bring me back brings you back to reality.

A beautiful, very solid album, that will appeal a lot of people who like downtempo melodic electronica.
Stefan Koopmanschap,
Electronic Music World