Review of "love me"

Patrick Millard, Electric Brainwaves

"From the robotic voice that begins 'turn around', a track that fits beautifully as the beginning of the adventure of the album 'love me', to the sweeping synth of its closing track 'bring me back', with a dramatic beat that carried you through the album, and synth pattern that slowly brings this ten track lp to a close, lacunae has created an astonishingly subtle yet impactive piece of work. When listening to the album as a whole you will be transferred to a world unique unto itself, causing your thoughts and motions to slow down to a pleasant and reflective pace. This one is worth the inspection for anyone who has spent time in search of something that will give a crisp, cold chill to your mood and keep you in tune and moving with the world outside your window. If you enjoy 'love me', a must is the four track ep 'making new errors', also from lacunae."

Patrick Millard
Electric Brainwaves