Review of "love me"

K. Cornelius Modsquare

If This Mortal Coil could meet Boards of Canada and share a studio with an obscure industrial act the outcome would be something very much like Lacunae. Certainly this Columbus, Ohio trio exists somewhere between trip-hop and ambient/industrial excursions. Dark waves of sound with synthesis flows over slow soothing beats and distorted vocal samples fall through and in-between.

This collection of sound experiments is very endearing. One must point out here that the members of this group have NEVER met. This fact gives me much respect for the accomplished music on the CD. The pieces are very consistent in sound and quality of sound, though for some the sound could get a tad bit redundant, so be sure you like dark-wave ambient/industrial styles. There lie hidden surprises and mellow melodies waiting to entice you once you begin your travels into this odyssey. There is a lo-fi quality which moves the listener (according to taste of course) further into a world of Lacunae's own creation: a cyber world waiting to wake you up with its subversive intensity. Dive deeper into this sea of pulsating sound and you begin to recover bits and pieces of spoken words which tumble numb-less and stain your mind regardless of whether or not you are paying attention. I sense songs of broken heartedness and dark loneliness that we can all relate to at some time or another. The feeling of not wanting to continue but knowing you must. This inclination may come to mind when listening to the tales within but I do recommend you keep listening! You’ll be very happy you did as this work gets more enthralling and emotional with each track.

This music is worth the money you will spend to obtain a copy. The spiraling journey through cyborg encryption is well worth your efforts!