Review of "collapse"

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"I admit. I've been talking to this group for a bit now, discovered them on MySpace of all places. In addition to them being all swell people, I was tickled pink to find this album just as good as the first, perhaps better. For those that require minimalist mood enhancement, go for "Love Me." That album really can salt-and-pepper any mood to taste. It's always handy in my player. "Collapse" is different. It has bite. It has clarity. It has that fullness that I also like in any production. "Collapse" is good for those looking for that great driving album. Something to reach for when you don't want dark, mid 1980's industrial OR the headspinningly neat numerous choices from the unfortunately named "IDM" category. I love Lacunae. I've never been so proud to know or listen to this group of talented upstarts. Listening to them now on Last.Fm, there's no stopping them now. I only wonder what would happen if they began work in person... perhaps like mixing water, magnesium and fire. Aluminum, water and oxygen. Snicker's bars, Skittles and a Jenny Craig convention. It'd be big, messy and fun. That's certain. Oh yes. Buy this album! I'm supposed to say that, right? Of course I am! KW"

Kyle Weiss
Kyle Weiss