Review of "love me"

Stefan Koopmanschap, Electronic Music World

Their previous album was stunning and impressive. I was very much looking forward to their new album. And now it’s here. Collapse is the next step. And again, stunning and impressive.

Lacunae have kept their laidback mood, that nice relaxed feeling that covers their music. Add to that their beautiful vocals, a pinch of glitch, excellent, not too complicated downtempo rhythms and only the most beautiful of sounds, and you’ve got the beautiful sound of Lacunae. But it’s not just that anymore. Rebuild in Black, for instance, has more tension and a darker atmosphere. And Rebuild in Black is one of the best tracks off this album! So Lacunae clearly proves that they can do more than that excellent laidback music!

When listening to this album, it occurs to me that Lacunae could well be the next Massive Attack. The combination of light and dark, the beautiful use of vocals, and the overall exceptionally high quality of the music definitely makes me think of Massive Attack, especially because the music, though it has a very distinct style, reminds of music such as Massive Attack.

From the cripsy, dreamy sound of Follow me down to the beautiful melodic, slightly sober feeling of From Dust, through the aforementioned darker regions such as Rebuild in Black, Lacunae offers an album that you keep listening to. After one or two listens, I was still unsure about how to put to words the way I felt about this album. Lacunae know quite well how to bring a variety of sounds in single album, without getting an album that sounds like a bunch of tracks thrown together. These tracks fit together. They belong together. One massive album that will not ever become boring. Lacunae is definitely one of the best acts that I’ve encountered over the past years!

Even through the constant high quality, some tracks stick out to me. I’ve mentioned Rebuild in Black already, which is definitely amongst those stand-outs. Giving Up is definitely also in that list, as are the epic sounds of Driver.

Can you tell I am very enthousiastic about Lacunae?

Stefan Koopmanschap,
Electronic Music World